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While translating your website in Kannada make sure that the translation is made with a human touch. Avoid using automated tools; instead go for local translators who know the local market, local slang and terminologies that are readily understood by the Kannadigas.Get your website translated in Kannada; localize the content so that it adheres to the cultural, social, political and linguistic background of Karnataka. By doing so your company’s products and services are more accessible to the local people. The Kannada translation gives you the edge in making a local presence.



Some of these facts emphasize translating your website in the local language.

  1. More than 60% of the world’s web pages are in a language other than English.

      2.  Visitors are more likely to buy a product or service online that is translated in their local language. A website in Kannada can attract local customers as it is in their native language. You are getting closer to them; they understand you easily and can trust you readily.

      3.   People tend to browse websites that displays content in their local tongue they readily understand. “Read this page in Kannada” does appeal a lot to a Kannada web browser. He is much more confident to browse and also to know more about the service or the product at offer. He could be your prospective customer. Naturally there is an increase in traffic on your website.


The internet has fueled an impressively high growth in the level of business activity among different regions of the world. We are witnessing a steady convergence of cultures and economies globally. When more and more people are communicating on internet, it makes sense to translate your website in the local language; to reach out more Kannadigas the obvious choice is to translate your website in Kannada. 

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