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Informed consent forms are somewhat new in the Indian context, basically an informed consent is the consent obtained by a patient in writing, to undergo a medical or a surgical treatment or even to participate in an experiment only after the patient understands the actual risks involved in such a process. Informed consent is not just simply getting a patient to sign on a written consent form to undergo a treatment or participate in an experiment; it is a process of mutual communication between the physician and the patient that results in the patient’s authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention.

Now a day, the recruitment of non-English speakers for any European language or English speaking country based global clinical trials is on a high note. Medical firms from countries such as Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, UK or US are increasingly outsourcing their language translation process to countries to which they plan to step in. As a result of this, the process of foreign language translation has become an essential program of clinical trials management. These translations when done right, play an important role in reaching the global expectations otherwise mistakes made in a poor translation can result in product delays, cost overruns or even contribute to malpractices or land you in problems of lawsuits.

Translating of informed consent forms into Kannada is yet on a budding note. Translation must have to be assigned to professionals, who do their jobs at the best. Assigning the translation jobs to persons using Kannada as their second language is never a great idea, in a vast service provider market as Karnataka, you can always get one professional medical translator who is also a native Kannada speaker himself. The field of medical translation is no longer limited to the metropolitan city of Bengaluru, there is a steady growth and the market is slowly growing to the second grade cities of Mysore and Mangalore.

Among different medical documents that could be got translated into a target language, the informed consent form is, doubtlessly the most important document.  As per the prevailing norms the consent from patients who do not speak English must be in the language the patient understands, the wording should have to be carefully monitored and documented in writing in all cases.                                                                                                                                         

Stress must be on readability; legal and scientific terms should have to be simplified or must be explained well in the text. Care must be taken to see that the actual intent in the original content is not manipulated or derived into a separate content or style in the target language, similarly too much adherence to medical terms may be avoided. For example there is no need to stick to “hypertension” if you can use the simpler notion of “high blood pressure”. 

Observe that precise translation equivalents are used to denote a particular terminology, costly and critical mistakes must have to be avoided at all instances. One must make sure that the statement section is translated in first person as I, Me, My and not as you, your. For getting your job done in the right way, you can always find a professional translation firm in Kannada with sufficient market in general as well as subject knowledge in particular.

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