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Medical translation is the process of translating of clinical, technical, regulatory or marketing documentation and even software or training curriculum for the healthcare, medical device or pharmaceutical fields. In order to get a more accurate understanding of any medical devices or pharmaceuticals to be sold in a particular country, it is preferable get all the associated literature and labeling done in the language of that country. In addition to this, regulatory approval submissions have to be typically translated as well. The medical translation is necessary to enable the local clinicians conduct clinical trials, and for patients and regulatory representatives to be able to read them and get acquainted well with them.



Medicine has always been topical and significant too. With regard to ever changing and fast developing field of medical knowledge medical therapy, research, diagnostics all must be delivered by the medical translation firms in a high quality on consistent basis. Medical translation is typically involves multi-steps, it is usually done by a translation agency which monitors all project management and the language proficient team. Medical texts are highly technical, sensitive and regulatory in nature, there has be a pin-point precision in these texts. Apart from linguistic skills, an accurate training and knowledge in the subject matter is of absolute necessity.



The developments in the world of medicine are now truly global. The translation of medical documents into and from Kannada is very important for the mutual exchange of medical know-how. Medical translation industry is a growing business now a day. In Karnataka too we find a number of such firms that are indulged in the field of medical translation into and from Kannada. Bengaluru has off late grown into a truly metropolitan city and has made considerable advancements in the field of medical translation. Now a day there are sprouts of firms in other cities such as Mangalore and Mysore that offer medical translation services We find a large number of firms that are specialized in the field of medical translation. A mere superficial knowledge of actual linguistic translation is never the only essential criteria to cater the ever growing demands of the growing medical translation industry. An in-depth knowledge of the relevant medical field and specific medical, clinical and pharmaceutical terms, competent linguistic skills along with the advanced native language knowledge and practical knowledge are indispensable in delivering the exact quality and content in the target language as it is in the original language.



Kannada being a computer friendly language and the presence of many medical translation companies offering their services in and around Bengaluru, availability of a large number of English educated, medical and computer savvy people who are also proficient in their native language of Kannada have provided ample avenues for  growth in the field of medical translation in Kannada. The matter of quality is of utmost importance in this field because one correct or wrong interpretation could be a matter of life and death. For quality translation of medical and healthcare documents into Kananda or back translation into English and proofreading, reviewing contact or visit




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