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Words that have been borrowed from Sanskrit have been assimilated in to vocabulary and written forms in such a way that are assumed to be Kannada’s own words. These words are being used either in the same form as they have arrived (Tatsama) or assimilated with necessary modifications (Tadbhava). Words such as Sthree (Woman), Bhoomi (Earth), Adhikaari (Officer) and Jnana (Knowledge) are some examples of Tatsamas. Examine the table below to know about Tadbhavas in Kannada.

Sanskrit words 





Parva. (Festival)




Sometimes both tatsama and tadbhava of a Sanskrit word are used in Kannada simultaneously. Pustaka and hotthige are both used to indicate a book.



All these years, so much accustomed to Sanskrit words; a common Kannada speaker would never believe or even agree of him using any Sanskrit words, because this is the language that he has learnt from his childhood; this is his own Kannada. 


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