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Today some websites are offering inbuilt software that helps you to read or write Kannada though you are unaware of Kannada typing skills. Some of the important Kannada softwares that can be used with an English keyboard are Nudi, Baraha, Srilipi, Ileap, Akriti, Kairali, Prakashak, Windows XP, Brahmi, Kuvempu, Kannada kacheri, Kannada saurabha, Kalita etc. Nudi direct version 4.0 is in vogue and is widely used in writing Kannada in computers.  New softwares are being written even today. Each of the new software is being bettered off than it’s previous one. The inconvenience or a drawback in the previous software is being rectified in the forth coming new one.



Ka Baraha and Ba Baraha: You can write and learn Kannada using these two softwares. They have opened a new avenue of technical possibilities in using Kannada in computer. Ba Baraha is the revised form of Ka Baraha. You need not necessarily know Kannada to use this software. With the knowledge of English typing, you can type Kannada using an English keyboard.


Nudi direct version 4.0: This is widely accepted and used in writing Kannada in computers. The keyboard layout is rationalized and made easy to remember. This font encoding standard used for managing and displaying the Kannada script is being owned by the state government of Karnataka. It is made available freely without any cost for anyone who wants to work with Kannada in computers. The computer program is developed by Kannada Ganaka Parishat, primarily a non-profit organization which aims at establishing Kannada as a computer language. Nudi supports most of the windows based database systems.


Getting known to Baraha and Nudi fonts can ease your usage of Kannada in computers. There is a continuous work going on to simplify and popularize the present computer programs; and make them more user-friendly. May be one day Kannada would become the perfect computer language. 

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