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 A language usually has 4 basic and different features in its usage. They are as follow;

1) Listening or understanding; 2) Speaking or expressing; 3) Reading and 4) Writing.  

The first two features are primarily concerned with the spoken form where as the other two are concerned with the written form. Every language has the first two basic characteristics and a language with the script has all the four characteristics. Kannada has adapted all 4 of the above mentioned characteristic features in its usage.



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Kannada is basically phonetic in nature; still there is a considerable difference between the spoken and written language forms. There are at least 20 variant dialects that can be recognized and are distributed among various geographical regions of the state; where as the written form is quite standard and is distinctly uniform in its usage through out. In short the colloquial form is area specific where as the written form is quite unique. In a country like India; the people who use spoken form outnumber the people using written form at any given time and place. The literate and educated can use all the 4 features of their language; others use the first 2 features. Examine these differences between the written and spoken forms in Kannada.


Written form 

Spoken form 

Shivamogga. (the name of a city)

Shimoga, Shimoggi , Simoga , Simoggi etc.

Adike. (Beetle nut)

Adke, Adki.

Avanu. (He)

Ava, Avnu

Avaru barali. (Let them come.)

Avru barli.


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