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Bangla Proverbs



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Talk about social constraints, and hypocrisy rules a fair share of it. Add to it a dash of the innate creativity and often the outcomes show up in metaphoric forms. In a nutshell, that forms the basis of the proverbs, be it in any language. The other part; however, resulted from the deductive logic applied on the close observations made by the wise in the days of yore. And the mystery lies in the similarity of the ideas, irrespective of the language.


We are here to discuss the proverbs in Bengali and Bengali is a language rich in proverbs. The sources from which these proverbs took form stretch over a vast spectrum: from the season changes to the epics and anything from daily errands to subject matters as intricate as politics in between. Many of these proverbs reflect the moral values and ethics of a rural, agrarian society and often reveal the covert or overt social psychology of the linguistic group; however, many of these proverbs often have innuendos attached to them as well that are both glorifying or demeaning in their expressions but nevertheless fun to listen at. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, thus we present underneath a brief list of the most common ones and their English equivalents.



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  • Olpo Bidya Bhoyonkori: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


  • Ardha-Satya Mithya Apeksa Bhayankara: Half a truth is more dangerous than falsehood.


  • Dhan Bhante Shiber Geet/ Gourchondrika: Beating around the bush.


  • Karo Poush Maash, Karo Shorbonash: One man’s meat is another’s poison.


  • Bamun Gelo Ghar To Langal Tule Dhar:  When the cat is away, the mice shall play.


  • Goru merey juto daan: To pay Peter by robbing paul.


  • Shomoy choliya jaay nodi’r sroter praye: Time waits for none.


  • Bhabia Korio Kaj, Koria Bhabio Na: Look before you leap.


  • Nai mama’r thekey kana mama bhalo: Half a loaf is better than no bread.


  • Dnaat thaaktey dnaat-er morjada na bojha: Not to value something when it’s there.



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