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What ever may be the classical or standard definition of the word – Language, one can generalize that it is a medium of expressing our speech. It should be understandable to both the speaker and the listener otherwise the communication fails; in that case you may have to use gestures to bring about a communication. Learning our native language from birth is a gradual process, the whole society around us is our language tutor. We listen first; try to repeat the words we listen; understand the meaning, remember it, arrange our feelings and then give them a speech - express our self.  It’s quite evident that we learn our mother tongue gradually as we grow up. Learning a second language is not always easy; we learn it either by our interest or may be by compulsion. 



 Kannada script has 49 characters and is alphasyllabary and phonetic in character, you write it the same way as you spell it. The Kannada character set is almost identical to that of any other Indian languages. Learning Kannada is not too difficult a task now; you are just a click away, internet has simplified learning your second to a considerable extent. There are many websites on the internet that give you the basic knowledge of Kannada language. They also suggest you of many ways to learn Kannada.


Here are some simple ways to start learning Kannada.


1. Start learning Kannada on internet, you can have a whole lot of information on Kannada language over the internet. There are websites such as Kannadakali and Total Kannada which start from the basic level language training. The website of CIIL (Central Institute of Indian Languages), Mysore has started basic Kannada learning courses for non-Kannadigas. The learning programs are self explanatory and are very simple to understand. Online support is available and any clarifications can be sorted out easily. Basic vowel and consonant structures, formal and simple greetings in Kannada, formation of simple sentences are included in the learning program. These websites could be of great help for beginners in Kannada language.

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