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Kannada, Badaga, Holiya and Urali belong to the Dravidian group of languages; it is the same group of which Tamil is also a member. All these languages have a common and mostly a single ancestral source. Let us have a brief review of these group languages based on the information provided in Ethnologue and some linguistic research made on Dravidian languages.





Kannada is the principal and administrative language in Karnataka, India. It is also spoken in the neighboring states of Maharastra, Goa, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. There are a considerable number of Kannada speakers in the UK, USA, UAE and Canada and in Australia too; the number is estimated to reach nearly 50 million. It is one of the 30 languages in the world in terms of the largest user base. The script is also known as Kannada which seems to have been derived from Kharosti and Brahmi, the ancient Indian scripts.



The speakers are primarily Hindus, a lot of Muslims and Christians in the state use Kannada at least as their secondary language. The language has a diversified usage and is spoken in at least 20 different identified dialects within Karnataka. The accent and style differs a lot when we move from one place to the other. The literary language is fairly uniform through out the state and used mostly in formal activities.

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