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Holiya shares a lot of characters with Kannada, as a language it is almost extinct and only about a few hundred indigenous speakers exists to this date. They are primarily a scheduled caste having a scattered existence in Madhya Pradesh. These people are primarily hunters and forest gatherers and follow a traditional lifestyle seemingly based on ancient Hindu culture. Literates are very few in number and the script is usually Hindi.





Urali too is an extinct language; no exact estimation is available on the number of speakers.They are primarily found in Idukki district of Kerala state. They belong to a scheduled tribe and the speakers are mostly the elder members of the tribe. The younger are mostly educated in Malayalam and communicate in the same language.Urali shares features with Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and also with Irula.They follow a traditional religion, they are primarily hunters and forest gatherers, now they mostly practice settled type of agriculture.


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