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Our world is shrinking fast; there is an easy and ready transfer of information from one part of the world to the other in an instance. When the information or service is not accessible in your native language translation is the window that we have got see through. Translation industry has grown into a big industry today, a fast developing and crucial field as medical translation ought to be perfect and give consistent quality products. Here are the five pitfalls that you can avoid in choosing a medical translator in Kannada.


1. Never hire or assign the task to an imperfect translator:  

There is a general tendency to assume that anyone speaking Kannada as a second language is automatically capable of translating a medical document into Kannada well and accurately. Not all second language speakers are good translators unless they are have specialized skills in translation. They must have a good hold over the target as well as the source language, a fair bit of general knowledge and a good know-how about the medical field is always preferred.


2.  Never hire someone who isn’t thorough with the field: 

In order to produce an accurate and natural sounding translation the translator must have an in depth knowledge in the field of medical translation, he/she must be acquainted well with the specialist medical terminologies and also proficient in the writing style of that particular field.


3. Do not release your document before proper checking and editing: 

Translations in a native language always require a great skill and complex mental processing for a human brain. Medical translation is a serious issue, a misinterpretation or a mistake can lead to drastic consequences. Before you actually release your translated document, it is recommended that you get the document properly checked and edited to avoid any loopholes in the document. You may use the services of a second translator to get your job done.


4. Never impose a too tight time frame: 

Keeping in mind the serious nature of medical translations, allowing sufficient time frames in getting your translations done in Kannada is of vital importance. With a very few or almost no guideline or instruction literature in Kannada medical translation, the past translations are the only models that a translator could look upon. You can use the services of a second translator to recheck your translated document, for all these you need to allot sufficient time. The more time you allow to complete your document lesser would be the mistakes in it.


5. Not assigning your translation work to a professional translation service: 

Always choose a professional medical translation service provider; they can serve you a dual purpose. Generally professional translation providers first get your document translated into the target language and then they a system to check and edit the document themselves. This dual service gives you the edge by providing you the quality document. A well checked document by a professional service provider always avoids a potential embarrassment and also expensive consequences.

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