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In the context of the serious nature of the medical field, translating a medical text into Kannada or any native language could be a challenge task. Getting your text translated correctly or wrongly could be a matter of life or death! A correct and apt translation on a consistent basis could take you to great professional heights, in the same way an inapt or misinterpreted text could land you in a problem ultimately ruining your translating career.


The medical text translation into Kannada is comparatively new, and thus the field has some limitations in itself. The medical field is growing fast and an ever changing field like this has to be supported with an equally proficient translation industry.


1. The translators are ought to know the regulations and norms regarding translations of medical texts: Since the field is relatively new, it is not always easy to find a translation service provider who is completely aware of all the regulations of translations in medical texts. Even the best of the translators may lack some vital knowledge regarding norms in translating a medical text. While choosing a suitable Kannada translator, make a judicious choice and confirm yourself that the translator is well acquainted with the local norms in medical translation.


2. The translators have to keep pace with the fast growing trends: Medicine is a field where regular and consistent researches are made and a large number of new terms are added every year to the medical lexicon. It is because of this nature of the medical field that many terms are used in their original forms, it is good to get an apt translation; but do not always stick to actual translation which could easily be misinterpreted. Instead you could ask the translator to add some notes on such original terms in the translated text yet keeping the term intact.


3. Translators must have the actual knowledge of all the related fields: The translators with a superficial knowledge are always dangerous. For a successful translation to come forth, you need to find someone proficient in the source as well as the target language. He/she must also have sufficient knowledge over medical or clinical terms and methodologies. People with such particular traits are not always easy to be found in a relatively limited Kannada translation service provider market. Amateur translators and medical students may never make an ideal combination.


4. Quality translators are hard to be found: Keeping in mind the relatively limited and new market, translators into Kannada providing an in-depth research oriented finished product are hard to come by. Amateur translators very often neglect the previous translation works and try to make some inconsistent translations which could create some confusion as many different words are derived for a single original medical term. Also, it is not easy to find translators who could maintain consistency between the original and translated texts.


5. Translators must not play with the words: Finding a Kannada translator who maintains precise translation equivalents is never easy. If the translator plays with the words, it is ultimately you who has to pay a big price!


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